A Wedding Consultation is easy to do and something I recommend highly!  I want my couples to feel completely comfortable with me, knowing they made the right decision in hiring me for their special day.  My goal is that you feel a friend is marrying you and not some stranger your met online. 

First, schedule an appointment for a Complimentary Consultation via Skype, FaceTime, telephone or in-person.  In-person consultations are held in a convenient location agreed upon by both the couple and myself, or in my office in Rio Rancho, Sandoval County.  I am close to Coronado Historical Site on Route 550.

Weekday and weekend consultations are available but must be made in advance.

Are you an “Out-of-Town Bride?”  Planning a Wedding from a distance is never a problem!  I offer unlimited Skype, FaceTime or telephone meetings.




Additional Options


If you would like me to attend and run your rehearsal, then I m happy to be there for you.  I will go over with you and your wedding party all the ceremony actions for your special day.  I will make sure everyone is comfortable with their part in the ceremony.

SYMBIS* - Pre-marital Coaching:

Personalized SYMBIS* Assessment

As a Certified SYMBIS* Facilitator, Lynn Grand, OC will guide you through your personalized assessment as well as give you the tools you need to build a marriage that goes the distance!

Personalized SYMBIS* Assessment is an exciting and empowering adventure for couples! You will discover more awesome things about each other, identify dreams for your life together, define goals to get there and develop practical plans and relationship skills for a wonderful lifetime journey! This assessment

covers topics such as healthy conflict resolution, emotional health, communication, adaptability in marriage and much more.

When you sign on to complete this program, the couple (each separately) answers 300 questions in about 30 minutes (but this is done at your leisure. It's not timed). Once each participant has completed their questions, and it is returned to the mentor, a 15-page report will be prepared for the couple launching them into one of the greatest adventures of your life: marriage. You will discover countless new insights and dozens of new skills to strengthen your bond.

Also included are: Five, 1-hour Pre-Marital Coaching sessions with Lynn Grand, OC. This can be done at a place of your choice or by Skype. We can also combine the sessions for your convenience as well.

*SYMBIS = Saving Your Marriage Before IT Starts, is a registered trademark of Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott and is the world's most practical pre-marital assessment. 

Email Lynn: lynngrand@outlook.com to receive a Sample SYMBIS Report by email.

Vow Renewal:​                                                                      

I will be happy to work with you to create exactly the kind of celebration you desire and to make your special day of renewal truly unforgettable.  All wedding provisions (except for the non-requirement of a marriage license) will still apply to all Vow Renewal Ceremonies.  A presentation copy of your ceremony and a certificate of Vow Renewal will be provided to the couple.

Baby Blessing:           

​"A Grand Beginning" now offers Baby Blessing Ceremonies!  Having a ceremony for your infant is a great way to gather your family and friends and create a memorable day as your child begins their life.  I will prepare your Baby Blessing Ceremony like my Wedding Ceremony, giving all aspects of this ceremony the personalization your little one deserves.  Call me today for all the beautiful options I have to honor your baby. 

House Cleansing /Blessing:     

HOME is a sacred space. A place where we feel safe, can relax and be our true selves. Yet, even the happiest of homes will accumulate negative energies over time, therefore it is important to clear this energy an return balance to your home. A house blessing is also beneficial if you would like to ensure good energy for selling your home, having an important event in your home such as a wedding, baby shower or bringing home your new baby. When you invite good energy and God's blessings into your home, you fill it with love; and it will become a space of love, harmony, health and prosperity, and thus affect your daily life with this energy.




*  A $100.00 deposit is required to hold your wedding day for you.  Forms of payment are Cash, Checks and Credit Cards. 

*  If finances are tough, please  let me know and other arrangements can be made (such as a monthly payment plan, etc.). 

*  The balance is due, no exceptions, one week prior to your wedding ceremony taking place.


*  I will create a beautiful Keepsake copy for you.

*  I remain committed to exceeding your expectations!!